Integromat is another online automation platform which supports hundreds of apps and services. Integromat is claiming to be more powerful comparing to IFTT and Zapier and can connect to any service with  OAuth2 authorization support.integromat app is, in my opinion, the best tool for video chats and collaboration. Free for up to 4 participants, screen мsharing, great audio and video quality. Just

Social media marketing – a handy tool that shows how a given website page is going to look being published on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Slack. Best part: if anything is wrong with your open graph tags, the tool will give you tips on how to fix it.Check how your page looks on different social media

Stencil is an easy to use yet powerful image creation tool for social networks. Perfect for creating social media posts, ad graphics, content marketing visuals, email images & more.Stencil - great tool for social media image creation

Competitive research

Dataprovider is a kind of an alternative to SimilarWeb’s Chrome extension with much less data though. Best part: the extension provides another website-power metric called “Economic footprint” and a historical data about traffic for the last year (SimilarWeb only offers data for the last 6 months in a free version)dataprovider chrome extension

Search engine marketing and keyword research

Answer the public – powerful tool for analyzing the auto-suggest results by Google & Bing. Useful for keyword research and getting consumer insight. Really love it.answer the public google auto suggests results

Keyworddit – keyword extractor for Reddit. Collects keywords from a given subreddit along with their search volume. Great for getting consumer insight and finding keywords with low competition.keyworddit reddit keyword research tool

GeoClever Chrome plugin is an extremely handy tool for checking Google search page results including AdWords ads for any part of the world. Organic SERP might get somewhat altered so you might want to double check it, however, geo-specific AdWords ads are at your disposal.GeoClever chrome extension

Canirank is great at giving you tips and specific action recommendations to improve your search presence. A lot of  SEO tools promise to help with your rankings, however, most of them just offer an obvious on-page SEO analysis and tips useful only for rookie SEOs. Canirank is going way beyond that.Canirank SEO tool

Website speed

Dareboost is superb at measuring your website speed and giving tips about improving it.dareboost page speed checker

Lighthouse which is now a built-in Google Chrome plugin is probably the most accurate tool for figuring out what Google thinks about your website speed. Here’s how to find it:

Right-click -> "Inspect"  -> "Audits" tab

The results might seem harsh, especially in comparison with other similar tools including PageSpeed chrome audits page speed

Now it’s Your Turn

I hope you enjoyed today’s list of free tools for digital marketing and growth hacking.

Now I want to hear from you:

  • Was there any tool you haven’t heard about?
  • What’s your favorite marketing tool/software?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment.


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